Thursday, September 3, 2015

Estate Sale Score!

Last weekend I scored an amazing miniatures find at a local estate sale. Actually it was my sister who let me know about it as I have "trained" her to keep an eye out for just this sort of thing.

This score included the following:

200 1/300 scale soldiers still in their packages.

Another 200 painted soldiers still on strips.

20 modern 1/2400 scale warships

Misc dice, spaceships and parts.

Various WW2 British tanks

Russian and German WW2 vehicles along with 25 unpainted Soviet T-80 tanks.

US and German WW2 vehicles

Cold War US vehicles

Cold War Soviet vehicles

Misc modern tanks as well as soldiers mounted for playing Advanced Squad Leader.

More misc modern tanks and mounted soldiers.

I'm really excited about the modern warships, tanks, and painted soldiers.

All in all 400 1/285 vehicles, several hundred soldiers, 20 modern ships and miscellaneous left overs.
Brand new prices this is a thousand dollars in mini's. E-bay probably $500 or $600 as many of the vehicles had light damage and some missing barrels. I paid $25 for the whole lot!

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