Thursday, September 8, 2016

Fixes for Monster Isle Units

Monster Isle and its expansions is a fun game where giant monsters and eventually aliens terrorize Earth and its defense forces. The rules do a pretty good job of covering this, but I have noticed some issues. I will attempt to address those issues in this post.

Escape From Monster Isle Fixes

Patrol Boat

The Patrol Boat has the same Attack, Toughness, Moral, FirePower, and Transport of an IFV but has a weaker Evade, a move of only 4 and is restricted to water. Yet it costs 5 points as compared to 3 for an IFV. This change will make it more cost effective.

Reduce the cost of the the Patrol Boat to 3pts and give it Swim 5”.

Flying Tank Recovery

The rules state that “a Flying Tank parked next to a science research center may use the Recovery rules to represent emergency repairs”. However the Recovery rules on page 19 of the Monster Isle rule book states that “creatures regains its Health score in lost Life points each Turn”. Since the Flying Tank has no Health score this rule is ineffective. My rule is as follows.

A Flying Tank that sits within 3” of a Science Research Center may follow the Recover rules and gains 2 Life Points every turn.

Invasion of Monster Isle Fixes

Mobile SAM Launcher

At a cost of 3pts for a vehicle that has a better attack value but worse Toughness and Morale than an IFV and is only able to attack Flying targets this unit is not cost effective. I suggest the following.

Keep the point cost at 3, but change the Mobile SAM Launcher’s Powers to; Blast: 2d6 and Long Range.

Delok Saboteur

This unit is an insta-kill unit with no limit to the number that can be in an army. In some scenarios taking 5 of these units and nothing else will allow the Delok player to automatically win.

Keep the point cost the same but limit the maximum number to 2 per Delok army. Instead of an instant success roll 1d6. On a 1 the Saboteur is discovered and killed. On a 2 or a 3 he is thwarted but can try again next turn. On a 4 or better he succeeds in destroying his target.

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