Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A New Beginning... Again

I started this blog because Cableone saw fit to no longer provide free web space to their customers. I'm sure my 5MBs of data were sorely taxing their servers and thus I am happy to help this large telecommunication company deal with their limited cloud capacity.

I've had some form of web presence since the late 90's and while I don't intend to re-post everything that was on my web page I do intend to bring back as much of my Car Wars material as possible and expand on a few other gaming ideas I have been mulling around for a while.

Like most bloggers I'll probably post frequently for a year or two, tapper off, have a dramatic comeback and then fade away. Hopefully in that time I will have posted gaming material that is both interesting to read and useful in some fashion.


Tony K 

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