Thursday, October 17, 2013

Levels of Technology in My Games

Since most of my gaming revolves around Post Apocalyptic or at least Science Fiction settings I have found it necessary to define different levels of technology (which I will refer to as Tech Levels or TL). These definitions provide a framework for players to gauge the effectiveness of their skills, tools, and weapons when attempting to overcome obstacles or enemies.

Below is the abbreviated table that I incorporate into the majority of my RPG and wargame rules. Because most of my gaming takes place within 100 years of today I tend to define the immediate Tech Levels more robustly then Tech Levels farther in the past or future.

Tech Level
Historic Earth Equivalent Tech Level
Primitive (Bronze, flint weapons, bow, spear) (Leather armor)
Medieval (Metal melee weapons, crossbow, metal armor)
Renascence to US Civil War (Musket, pike, cannon, steam power)
Post Civil War to 1902 (Bolt action rifle, revolver, blimps,  machine gun, electricity, gas)
1903 to middle of World War 2 (Planes, tanks, submachinegun, motorized transport)
End of WW2 through Vietnam War (Assault rifle, helicopters, jets)
Early 80’s to around  turn of century (chobham armor, computers)
Early to mid  21st century (Vehicle Lasers or Guass cannons, advanced munitions, power armor)
Interplanetary travel (Med and Hvy Walkers, Gauss rifle, Jet Bikes)
Intergalactic travel (All Walkers, GEV, Jet Packs, blasters)

Tech Levels are represented by the abbreviation TL followed by the level number.
Thus a an Old West Six Shooter would be a TL 4 revolver. A 1990 Corvette would be a TL 7 sports car. An Air Force Jet Aircraft Mechanic who served in Vietnam would be a TL 6 Jet Aircraft Mechanic.

I have been working on a similar table for Magic Levels, but have yet to be satisfied with the results.

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